About us

Forma - festival of contemporary art.

Its main goal is to promote contemporary experimental art.
The form is being held
in Moscow since 2011.


The old world order is dying. A new one is born. We will clear the world of utilitarian and commercial culture! Let's clear the world of dead art, imitation and artificial art!

We protest against the lack of spirituality of consumer society, the impersonality of mass culture, and the unification of the human personality. Only a culture based on the observance of moral and ethical standards is a condition for the existence of a true personality.

We oppose utilitarianism as the meaning of human existence.


Media about us

"Festival of contemporary
art "Form" presents the
main trends, names, and
communities and institutions in art and music over the past year»
"Form" turned to international parade-alley of everything that doesn't fit into the standard paradigm.
"Forma" is one of the main festivals of contemporary art with an emphasis on performative and theatrical practices.
"One of the largest events dedicated to contemporary art in General."
"Form" is a mix
from the latest trends in art and music, which artists and musicians are United in a single art rush, presented to a young audience»